Poland. 18 square meters

di Federico Caponi
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Pochissimo spazio per un enorme disagio: le storie vere raramente finiscono bene ed è forse un dovere, per i fotografi più attenti, far sì che almeno non finiscano nel dimenticatoio. Federico Caponi trova il suo spazio, la sua dimensione, la sua relazione per riportare ai nostri occhi un’umanità che pur ferita non accenna a inginocchiarsi.

Poland. 18 square meters

Marzena Tokarska, 27, together with her 2 sons (3 years old, and 6 months old) found shelter at her mother’s house in Targowek (Warsaw). She escaped from her violent alcoholic husband that beat her and burnt cigarettes on her hands in front of the children. The flat of the mother (Hanna Tokarska) is only 18 m2 and here lives also Mr. Grzegorz, unemployed, sick, who weights about 200 Kg. There is no toilette or bathroom in the flat and Marzena sleeps on a mattress in the kitchen with her 2 sons. The family collects scrap metal and used clothes during the week, and then sells them at Olimpia Flee Market every Sunday. An old friend of Hanna Tokarska, Janek (62 years old) that helps them in collecting stuff to sell, visits them everyday and usually has his lunch (and drinks) here too. The children receive some clothes and diapers from social assistant but do not go to kindergarten and are still off any preschool system, because they should be left at school before 8.30 am and at that time nobody can bring them. These children spend most of the time home without real contact with other children, or from time to time, when weather is good, their only playground is the dirty courtyard frequented by homeless people and alcoholics.

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